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​Buy Cheap lining sheer fabric from us to enjoy your own design.
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Buy Cheap lining sheer fabric from us to enjoy your own design.


lining sheer fabric are beautiful complement to a double door or window. Sheer curtains, however, offer no privacy. If you want the billowy look and privacy, add lining to your sheers. Here's what you need to know, along with some special tricks to working with sheer fabrics.

Lining is the garment’s inner part under the bodice. Lining allows the garment to drape and fold nicely, prevents it from sticking to the skin, facilitates dressing by making the inside smoother, protects the garment from inside, prevents stretching, insulates and reduces translucency of thin fabrics.

Lining should not turn static easily but should be very durable; lining is usually the first part to be worn out in a piece of clothing. Lining material should have the same washability as the shell fabric. The lining should be breathable and it should be smooth enough so that the garment is easy to put on and wear.

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Question and answer

Q:The price of these fabrics

A:According to your order amount, size, specifications and weight, we will give you the corresponding affordable offer.

Q:What are these lining sheer fabric mainly used for?

A:lining sheer fabric have many uses, similar to clothing, home, medical and DIY.

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