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1. what is interlining and its classification?

Interlining is a kind of special clothing material used to strengthen and straighten up the inner layer of clothing, shoes and hats. It can be non-adhesive interlining such as simple woven fabric, non-woven fabric or knitted fabric. It can also be adhesive interlining made of the above interlining by gluing.

Interlining can be divided according to performance.

(1) non adhesive (non adhesive) interlining.

(2) process adhesive (also called temporary adhesive lining) interlining.

(3) fully adhesive (permanently bonded) interlining.

2. What are the main functions of interlining?

(1) enhance the elasticity and stiffness of clothing and prevent deformation.

(2) Improving the handle and drape of clothing fabrics, giving clothing a good curl and shape, and enhancing the three-dimensional sense.

(3) local reinforcement for clothing. Thick clothing can increase plump and thick feeling; thin clothing can prevent leakage.

3. what is adhesive lining and its classification?

Hot melt adhesive interlining (also called hot melt interlining) is a kind of re-adhesive interlining made of hot melt adhesive evenly coated on the substrate in a certain form (dot, mesh, irregular, etc.). It can be firmly bonded with the fabric by pressing and pressing under certain conditions, so that the garment can achieve stereotyping and shape preservation. Yes. Common substrates are organic, knitted (warp knitted, weft knitted), and nonwoven (bonded or hot rolled). Hot melt adhesive has polyethylene, copolyamide, copolyester, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, etc.

The adhesive lining can be divided into several categories according to the base cloth.

(1) woven bonded linen A cotton fabric B blended fabric.

(2) knitted adhesive lining A weft knitted fabric B warp knitted fabric

(3) Nonwoven bonding lining (commonly known as nonwoven bonding lining) A impregnated nonwoven bonding lining B hot-rolled nonwoven bonding lining C nonwoven fabric plus braided chain bonding lining

4. what is the characteristic of the adhesive lining?

(1) Adhesion with fabrics directly, so that the garment shape, straight, beautiful, soft and rigid after bonding, both elastic and certain stiffness, feel plump, good drape.

(2) Variety, wide range of uses, can be used as clothing lining, shoes and hats lining, decorative lining, thickness can be arbitrarily matched. It simplifies garment processing technology and is suitable for mechanized production.

(3) Small shrinkage, good washability, good air permeability, interlining shrinkage and heat shrinkage are similar to the fabric, the appearance of repeated washing is not deformed.

(4) the fabric and interlining after bonding, there is a certain peeling strength, generally can withstand washing machine (40 C) or dry cleaning. The lining of the shirt can withstand washing at 95 degrees. The interlining temperature range of the interlining can meet the performance of the fabric and does not damage the fabric when bonded.

5. what is the applicable scope of several commonly used hot melt adhesive linings?

(1) polyethylene (PE) adhesive lining is suitable for shirts and so on. Low-pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bonding lining has good washability, but the bonding temperature should be about 170%. Easy to glue.

(2) Polyamide (PA) adhesive lining, has a certain dry cleaning, water washing capacity, elasticity and drape are excellent, suitable for the suit and other coat lining. Some of the high melting point PA fusible linings can still be dry cleaned and washed at 60 C.

(3) polyester (PES) adhesive lining has high melting point and good washability. It has good handle and strong adhesion. It is especially suitable for pure polyester or polyester cotton blended fabric. It is usually used for lining of shirt collar.

(4) Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) adhesive lining, low melting point, not washable, suitable for fur lining.

(5) Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer saponification (EVAL) bonding lining, with moderate melting point and certain washability, suitable for silk, light chemical fiber clothing and footwear and cap lining.

6. are you a factory or a trading company? What products do you do?

We have our own weaving factory and interlining coating factory. We mainly produces hundreds of varieties of high grade nylon grey cloth, non fluorescent large chemical fiber grey cloth, medium chemical fiber grey cloth, spinning lining, non-woven lining ,Polyester nonwoven nylon interlining and so on. The company can also customize functional non-woven fabrics that meet the unique requirements according to the unique functional requirements of customers.  

At the same time, we also have our own foreign trade companies, products are exported to the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Turkey and Southeast Asia and dozens of countries.

7. how does your company guarantee product quality?

We start from the purchase of raw materials warehouse in strict accordance with the ERP set by the inspection process for each process and the sampling results into the system, for the final product, we have done a 100% full inspection;The company has the perfect research and development, testing, sample center; provide the best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service for the customers. The company has been strictly controlled from every lifetime production link, and always The quality of products is placed first and foremost. Quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises.