Non Fusible Interlining

Non woven fusible interlining for garment
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Non woven fusible interlining for garment

As the most professional non-woven fabric supplier, the fabric we supply is hot-rolled non-woven fabric, which is divided into nylon and polyester. You can order different materials as needed. Moreover, we have different weights and three different levels of touch to choose from. We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive service and the most comprehensive range of products.

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Interlining Advantages:

1.peel strength is high

2. both washing / dry cleaning

3. performance is excellent

4.not degumming, not foaming

5.Fabric adaptability wide

6.Interlining with environmental protection requirements


8.Harmless to humans


Interlining Application:

Mainly used in high-grade fashionable dress, shirt collar lining and hat, curtains,bags etc.,mainly used in the body, collar, front placket and other parts.

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