What Kind Of Fabric Lining Do You Like

Of course, it is better to use pure natural materials, such as cotton, silk, wool, hemp and so on. Among them, pure cotton fabric is the most suitable. The above fabrics have poor stability between wool and wool. After several times of washing, there will be shrinkage and fiber breakage. However, compared with pure cotton and hemp, the feel of hemp is rough and pure. The cotton fabric has good skin-friendly properties, good coloring and good stability. The price is relatively economical in natural fiber. Nowadays, many special fabrics such as flame-retardant fabrics, waterproof fabrics, flame-retardant anti-static fabrics, etc. The functional fabrics are made of pure cotton, and the inner lining of many work clothes will also be light and heavy cotton material Xinxiang Yulong Textile.

The role of the lining:

It is stitched together with the clothes, which is equivalent to the petticoat in the skirt. It is convenient to wear in the clothes without the burrs.