What Is The Material Used For The Lining Of Clothing

A lot of materials can be used as the lining of the garment.

1. There are a lot of materials for the clothing lining, and there are many choices according to the grade.

2, a garment is divided into clothing fabrics and accessories, and accessories include a lot, clothing lining is one of the linings refers to some parts of the clothing, to set off, perfect clothing or auxiliary clothing processing Materials such as collar lining, chest lining, waist lining, etc. There are many kinds of garment linings, which can be divided into several categories according to the parts used, the materials used for lining, the type of lining, the combination of lining and fabric. The main varieties are: cotton lining cloth, linen, wool lining, horsetail lining, resin lining, adhesive lining and so on.

3, cotton lining is also called soft lining. The medium and low-cut plain white cotton cloth is used without any slurry treatment, and the hand feels soft. It is used for hanging noodles, waistbands or other linings, so as to suit the requirements of soft and hard thickness and thickness change of various parts of the garment.

4. The lining is a plain weave fabric made of hemp fiber, which has good stiffness and elasticity and is a lining for high-grade clothing. Most of the linings on the market are actually made of pure cotton rags immersed in a proper amount of resin glue, which is the main lining for suits, coats and tunic suits.

5. Immerse the cotton-cotton blended flat cloth in an appropriate amount of glue, the surface is slightly yellow, and the specifications are thin, medium and thick. The characteristic is that the texture is firm and smooth, soft and moderate, and flexible, but the shrinkage rate is large, and the water should be pre-shrinked.

6, wool lining is the wool lining, also known as black carbon lining, mostly dark gray and variegated. It is generally a plain weave fabric made of yak hair, wool, human hair blended or interwoven. The lining is stiff and flexible, and has good styling performance. It is used as a lining for medium and high-grade garments, such as a medium-thick fabric suit, a versatile lining, and a chest.

7. The ponytail lining is a plain weave fabric made of horsetail and wool intertwined. The surface is ponytail brown and interlaced with white, and the density is relatively sparse. The ponytail lining is extremely elastic and does not wrinkle. It can be pulled out of the shape required for the design in a crisp, damp and hot state, and is often used as a chest lining for high-end clothing.

8. The resin lining is a lining cloth made of pure cotton cloth or polyester cotton cloth treated by resin glue impregnation treatment, and most of them are bleached. The lining has high stiffness, good elasticity, small shrinkage, water wash resistance, dimensional stability, and is not easily deformed. It is mostly used for the collar of the tunic and shirt.

9. The adhesive lining is also called hot melt lining, which is made by applying hot melt adhesive on the base fabric. According to the type of the base fabric, the woven adhesive lining, the knitted adhesive lining, the non-woven lining, and the like. Adhesive lining is a very important garment accessory. It is evenly spread on the woven, knitted or non-woven fabric with adhesive rubber particles or powder. After heating, it is combined with the corresponding parts of the garment to achieve Certain styling effects.