What Is The Difference Between Nylon Cloth And Non-woven Fabric?

Nylon cloth is made of nylon material, referring to materials for making cloth.

Nonwoven fabric refers to the process of making cloth.

In general, the production of textile fabrics begins with fibers (natural fibers such as cotton, linen, etc.) and synthetic staple fibers such as nylon.

The spinning of polyester is made of polyester and so on.

Non-woven fabrics are produced by cutting the fibers (both natural and synthetic) into small segments.

Then, without spinning, the fiber fragments are laid into sheets, compacted and reinforced to form cloth.

Therefore, nylon fabrics have textile fabrics (commonly known as nylon) and nylon non-woven fabrics.

Nonwovens include natural cotton, linen, non-woven fabrics and synthetic fabrics.

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