What Is The Difference Between Nylon Cloth And Non-woven Fabric

Nylon cloth is a cloth made of nylon material, which refers to the material used to make the cloth.

Nonwoven refers to the process of making a cloth.

The general production process of textile fabrics is fiber first (including natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, etc. and synthetic short fibers such as nylon,

The polyester or the like is spun, and the spun yarn is woven into a cloth.

The production process of the non-woven fabric is: cutting the fiber (whether natural fiber or synthetic fiber) into small pieces,

Then, without the spinning process, the broken pieces of the fiber are laid into a sheet shape, and the process is compacted and strengthened to form a cloth.

Therefore, nylon fabrics have textile fabrics (generally called nylon) and nylon nonwoven fabrics.

The non-woven fabric also has a natural material of cotton and linen non-woven fabric and synthetic fiber non-woven fabric.