What Is Textile Interlining?

1. Interlining:

Interlining is to set off the fabric, improve the performance of clothing, the beautiful appearance of clothing plays a great role in promoting the clothing has a perfect shape, can make up for the lack of fabric performance.

2. Linings

Must have a full understanding of the variety, specifications, characteristics and main quality indicators of interlining (such as heat shrinkage, washing shrinkage, washing and dry cleaning properties, peeling strength, moisture regain, etc.) and the structure and properties of the substrate, the types of hot melt adhesives coated and the range of interlining bonding and pressing conditions.

3. Adhesive lining, including spinning lining, non-woven lining, inlay lining, double-sided lining, waist lining, shirt lining, coat lining, fur lining, composite lining, etc. (according to different circumstances)

4, lining production process: singeing-cold pile-desizing-bleaching-drying-drawing-setting-resin-drying-coating-packaging inspection