What Are The Characteristics Of Hydrophilic Nonwovens

What are the characteristics of hydrophilic nonwovens?

The hydrophilic nonwoven fabric is opposite to the water-repellent nonwoven fabric. The hydrophilic nonwoven fabric is obtained by adding a hydrophilic agent to the production process of the nonwoven fabric, or adding a hydrophilic agent to the fiber during the production of the fiber, and then producing a nonwoven fabric.

The purpose of adding a hydrophilic agent is that the fiber or the non-woven fabric is a high molecular polymer, has few hydrophilic groups, or has no hydrophilic group, and cannot achieve the hydrophilic property required in the application of the nonwoven fabric, so Hydrophilic agent.

The characteristic of the hydrophilic non-woven fabric is that the non-woven fabric has a certain ability to absorb moisture. In applications, it is mainly used in the production of medical and health materials to achieve a better feel and not to scratch the skin. For example, the hydrophilic effect of medical supplies, sanitary care products, and hydrophilic non-woven fabrics can quickly transfer the liquid into the absorbent core. The absorption performance of the hydrophilic nonwoven fabric itself is not good, and the general moisture regain rate is about 0.4%.