What Are The Characteristics Of Hot-rolled Non-woven Fabrics?





Characteristic:Nonwovens break through the traditional textile principle, and have the characteristics of short process, high production speed, high output, low cost, wide application and many raw materials.

Hot-rolled non-woven fabrics PET Nonwovens

Hot-rolled non-woven fabrics can lead to many characteristics and distinguishing attributes such as non-adhesive edges and peculiar fiber orientation in fabrics.

They can be soft or hard, strong or weak, orientated and omnidirectional in function, with one or both sides slippery or uneven, supply bulk or very compact, two or three dimensions, solid or patterned teeth, absorbent or squeezing and porous puncture.

Many of these functions can be incorporated into a receipt to satisfy an ultimate use product. Nonwovens can elongate, stretch and repeat and have a specific aperture, but can not be drawn. This is an important difference between nonwovens and textile fabrics.

Otherwise, they can provide excellent substrates for coatings, composite materials, lamination, printing, embossing and forming, so they are often used in packaging materials. Relatively speaking, the cost of hot-rolled non-woven fabric as packaging materials is more expensive than that of popular packaging cartons. This is also the reason why it has not been widely used. If hot-rolled non-woven fabric manufacturers want to It is undoubtedly the greatest provocation to close this big market and reduce capital and take the green road.

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