Interlining, Also Known As Adhesive Lining

What is interlining? What is the interlining component? Interlining, also known as adhesive lining, is mainly used in collar, cuffs, pockets, skirt waist, hem and suit chest and other parts of clothing, generally containing hot melt adhesive coating. According to the difference of the base cloth, the adhesive interlining is mainly divided into two kinds: the interlining cloth and the non-woven interlining.

adhesive lining

1. the nonwoven interlining, as the name suggests, is a cloth formed without weaving.

The principle of the process is to form the base cloth with viscose under high temperature and high pressure. Then a layer of hot melt adhesive is coated on the surface of the substrate by a coating machine, and then dried to form the non-woven interlining we use.

2. Usage: Place the glued side of the interlining on the fabric, then melt the glue on the interlining by heating it with a gluing machine or iron, so as to achieve the effect of gluing on the fabric.

3. Features: Low price, soft feel, but not very washable (water temperature will be required, normal only under 70 degrees)

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