How To Distinguish Between Woven Interlining And Non-woven Lining

The base fabric with the woven interlining cloth is a cloth made by the yarn through a certain process or means; the non-woven fabric of the non-woven fabric of the non-woven lining is also called non-woven fabric, as the name suggests, it is not a "woven" cloth, it is direct The fibers are passed through a gas stream or mechanically formed by high-polymer chips, short fibers or filaments, then subjected to hydroentanglement, needle punching, or hot-rolling reinforcement, and finally formed into a non-woven fabric. The non-woven lining will be rotted with a little bit of force by hand, and there will be no woven lining. Usually, the non-woven lining has a low price of woven lining.

The difference between spun and non-woven is mainly the two different processes used for the colloid coated substrate.

There is spinning: it is made by the weaving process. The price is higher, and it is mostly used for stiff fabrics.

Non-woven: It is made by extruding the slurry. Used mostly for soft fabrics.