What is a nonwoven lining

Non-woven interlining, conventional refers to hot-rolled non-woven interlining, with pulp point, powder point, padding, etc., mainly used in sleeves, chest, collar, etc.

The function and performance of non-woven interlining; non-woven interlining, also known as non-woven interlining, paper, and lining paper, is a lining cloth which is processed by special processing such as adhesive coating processing or resin finishing using non-woven fabric as the base fabric. . Let's take a look at the non-woven show to see what is lining.

Nonwoven linings were first used as linings with nonwovens. Most of today has been replaced by bonded nonwoven linings. However, lightweight casual clothing, knitwear, down quilted clothing and raincoats, and children's wear are still in use. It is usually made by chemical bonding and is divided into three types: thin, medium and thick.