The specific function of adhesive interlining and the process of manual bonding.

Adhesive interlining is a kind of lining coated with hot melt adhesive. It is one of the excipients frequently used in clothing production. The bonded interlining is attached to the back of the fabric by warming and pressing. When the fabric needs to express its crispness and thickness, it can be embodied by adding the bonded interlining.

Adhesive interlining

The specific function of adhesive interlining

1, make the garment satisfied with the shape, play the role of the skeleton. Without affecting the feel and style of the fabric, the stiffness and elasticity of the adhesive interlining can make the clothes flat or achieve the desired shape.

2, improve the wrinkle resistance and strength of clothing. Bonded interlinings are used in the collar, barge head, front and front of a thin fabric garment to make the garment flat and wrinkle-resistant. With the lining of the garment, the clothes are more durable because of the protection and fixation of a layer of adhesive interlining.

3, make the edge of the garment clear, straight, beautiful, can play the role of modification and beautification. The folding line can be made more straight and distinct by using adhesive interlining outside the folding edge of the garment, such as stop, cuff and cuff fork, hem edge and hem fork.

4, to maintain the stability of the structure, shape and size of clothing, and play a role in maintaining shape. Cut pieces of clothes will inevitably have some bending shapes, silk yarn tilted parts, such as collar nest, armhole, etc., but after the use of bonded interlining, can ensure the structure and size of clothing stability; Some parts will be easy to stretch and deformation in wear, such as bag mouth, button doors, but after the use of bonded interlining, can make it difficult Tensile deformation.

5, make the clothing thick and improve the warmth of clothing. It is obvious that the thickness of the clothing is increased after the adhesive interlining, so that the thermal insulation of the garment is improved.

6, improve the workability of garments. Thin and soft silk and single-sided thin knitted fabrics are difficult to handle in the sewing process because they are not easy to hold, but the grip during the sewing process can be improved by bonding interlinings.

Manual gluing process of adhesive lining cloth

1. First of all, we should find out which side has glue, and then put the glued interlining, we should also pay attention not to make a mistake on the positive and negative sides of the fabric.

2. In general, the iron temperature of thinner bonded interlining is set at 125-135 C, and the iron temperature of thicker bonded interlining is set at 135-145 C.

3. Press the iron at one place for 7-10 seconds, and press it with pressure, and move it sequentially after clinging. Do not leave space when moving.