lightweight woven cotton fabric

Cotton fabric, also known as cotton fabric, is a fabric woven from cotton yarn. Cotton fabrics have become one of the most commonly used fabrics with excellent performance, and are widely used in apparel fabrics, decorative fabrics and industrial fabrics. Cotton is the most popular clothing and home textile. Versatile, soft, breathable, hygroscopic, year-round comfort, performance and durability are just a few of the many qualities that cotton is popular for.

Due to the development of chemical fiber, cotton-type chemical fiber has appeared, and its physical properties such as length (usually about 38 mm) meet the requirements of cotton spinning process, and are purely spun or blended with cotton fiber in cotton spinning equipment, and fabric and cotton of such fiber. The fabrics are collectively referred to as cotton fabrics.

Production editor

The production of cotton fabrics includes three processes: spinning, weaving and dyeing. Spinning and weaving are the process of mechanically processing textile fibers into yarns and fabrics. Dyeing and finishing are chemical methods and some physical and mechanical methods. The reprocessing of the fiber product can improve the performance of the fiber and its products and improve its appearance by finishing.